Award-Winning Flash Sale Announcements via Email - Samples

Would you like to run a successful limited time offer and ensure that you get the most out of your email contacts?

Naturally, firing off an email announcement or what’s called an “email blast” is enough to spur what you need and drive sales. Even though email marketing is, by far, the best tool in your armory, knowing how to use it is priceless. When done right, the entire process can turn you into a sensational entrepreneur.

Email Blasts

They may be among the invaluable part of your digital marketing travails, but it is their one major drawback that makes them highly delicate. Email blasts can easily look like spam messages, and as a marketer, you can’t simply imagine all your efforts going directly to the trash folder.

There’s no need to use theoretical examples when the real samples are here with us. But, first, before you have a look at the examples, why don’t you have a glance at the factors that you may do to keep them looking professional and presentable?

  1. Make the email beautiful and professional – using a combination of evocative colors, elegant fonts, and incredible designs, the email will look authentic and legit.
  2. Focus on those who the offer suits the most – you will need to segment the list so that the emails reach those who are interested only.
  3. Get right to what you are focusing on – when it comes to email marketing, of course, you know the golden rule; the Call-To-Action should be clear and at the front. Don’t be too wordy too.

Email Blast Samples

Just to back the points up, the following are some super-deluxe samples along with why they score high above the rest.

1. Free Shipping Offer

A Diamond-shaped palette that dominates the entire page; the user can simply scroll and get the information. There’s also the CTA at the middle to make it clear and non-redundant.

2. Free Content Offer

Unlike the conventional ones, the sample would like to dish out free resources. So, the designs should be gorgeous with a plethora of colors. However, since it is free content, the photo should be in unison with books that contain the free content.

3. End of Summer Offer

Summer is that moment of the year when we indulge care-freely and relax. In line with that, an ice cream cone motif for the hot, humid moments is a perfect choice. As you pile a couple of them, placing the CTA at the very bottom of the cone motif creates that aura of anticipation and will prompt the recipient to respond so that they can claim the offer. Remember, it is the chosen image and the little words used atop the picture that works magic!

4. Holiday Travel Offer

Since it is a sales ad marketing the holiday makers, it is the classy, bold text on the plain-white background that delivers the “killer punch.” As always, the CTA button is at the bottom.