Creating Compelling Video Content

It was initially written content ruling the mainstream, but when video proved too superior on the contemporary marketer’s arsenal, the usurping and subsequent prominence was all, but expected.

Following the widespread acceptance of video content, it isn’t just the vast number of marketers using them, but rather the impressive perks that speak for themselves. If you are a savvy marketer, there’s no other better time to use video content than starting that today. And, here’s the best way to come up with an eye-catching piece that will profit your business.

Creating The Clip; A Beginner’s Guide

Creating an award-winning video while promoting your business ought to be a no-brainer owing to the availability of the many cutting-edge tools and resources. Before you look at the newest and perhaps the trendiest route yet, Facebook Live, you can check out the conventional, but most trusted ones.

With a camera, a reliable internet connection and an up-and-running Facebook account, you can do a live video streaming of what your business essentially does. If that is beyond your understanding, then it will be perfect to consider the following:

  • Find a professional AV equipment to record the video and upload it online - you can use a smartphone whose camera quality is top-notch.
  • Have stellar video editing software – iMovie and Replay are incredible

Create the Video

  1. The content of the clip are the most important factors, and they should be relevant, engaging and shareable.
  2. Ensure that the video fits your scope of marketing and suits your strategy.
  3. Depending on the number of followers subscribing to your site, you may use the video to outline new products and market them or teach them what your business is all about.

Just as a reminder, strive to:

  • Keep it short – a minute or two
  • With a consistent message across the many platforms
  • Let your personality must be clear and definite
  • Explain your products using simple terms
  • Offer value – tell a story, reward or highlight a major issue.
  • Optimize the video for SEO


Even though it will appear as a video clip, failure to observe the SEO techniques may render your tactics useless. Use the requisite keywords, tags, and descriptions, ensuring that everything remains clear, concise and understandable. Concerning the title, using such terms as “How to…” is useful because the search engine will capture them with ease.

On the social media, use all the associated hashtags so that the video can be accessed by the vast number of social media users. Just a powerful trick; create an air of anticipation by creating a post that gathers the hype about it. Remember, videos are the modern-day tools, so be wise and take your time.