Proven Small Business PR Tactics to Supercharge Its Recognition

Amid the high levels of optimism, when a business is in its infancy, the only resource that is in plenty is time. Factors such as finance and professional expertise required to bolster the corporate PR travails aren’t so much copious. When the company thinks of sourcing a professional public relations company, the limited budget is the only significant limiting factor.

True, your financial capabilities may be limiting you from carving out a niche in your environment and attain a guarantee or professional longevity. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t come up with a pro-level media outreach technique as with the countless PR tools, creating that buzz isn’t a far-fetched idea. The daily happenings in your startup are your lifeline, but you still need the public.

You need an eye-catching story and a cleverly executed technique, two factors that can be easily achieved even with your shoe-string budget. And, true to that, there’s an ample collection of small business PR skills that have been tried and debunked to work well, garner media attention, raise awareness and leave a worthy impact.

Have a look.

1. Create a Holiday

Much like what 7-Eleven did by creating the “Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC) Day,” you can come up with your company’s version. Right off the bat, your loyal clients will throng your business when the day comes, a factor that will, undoubtedly, supercharge your image and recognition.

2. Team Up With a Local Charity Organization

What may have started as a subtle media stunt in the name of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” ferociously spread like wildfire owing to the vast social media coverage. Using the same idea, you can create a Challenge that calls upon the locals to mimic you while raising funds for a worthy cause. There’s no need to go the conventional way while the vibrant social media family is ready to team up with you.

3. React to What’s Trending Too!

Whenever there’s some quirky news, all you can be confident of is, the story will quickly drive the scene crazy. And, there’s no better time to seize the opportunity than when the news is still hot and promote your firm. Create a video that augurs with the prevailing mood while incorporating whatever you deal in.

4. Us Your Social Media Coverage

At the moment, no other robust platform guarantees free social participation like the three giant social sites; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As you intent to enhance your brand’s recognition without spending much, you can initiate Hashtags and use the newly available Facebook Live to meet and greet your clients. Create a buzz by creating an aura of anticipation, showing the behind the scenes and anything that may interest your followers.

5. Be A Bit Controversial

Have you read the story about the new Nudist establishment in the heart of London, UK?

Although you ought to be witty enough to keep the positive image, being controversial, without a doubt, enhances your brand’s image. The beauty of using such a trick is, the news will spread fast and help grow your faithful.

6. Be another Richard Branson

In as much as he’s an openly opulent fellow, he’s often known for his larger-than-life theatrics. But, since your company is still in its infancy, engage in any worthwhile activity that puts your business on the front page. Believe it or not, juicy news spread far much faster than doing the ordinary.

They virtually cost anything; give them a try today!