About Smart Marketer

The Smart Marketer platform arised from a need for a mix between an awesome email platform, marketing automation and sales tracking for growing businesses. Smart Marketer, in our oppinion is not targeting the start-ups of the world or the multi-national cash-cows either. Instead, this exciting new platform is focussed on mid-tier organisations, with 5 - 100 staff.

Our typical client has a marketing department and most likely a sales team who's primary roles are keeping existing customers happy and interested in whats coming out next, as well as generating new customers to take the business to the next level. With this in mind, Smart Marketer contains a fully-fledged email marketing platform with the latest in drag'n'drop editor capabilities for fast, beautiful email design. Secondly, marketing automation is packaged in with the system including automatic lead scoring, email and SMS triggers and tagging platform builder. Finally, once a contact becomes a true lead for the business, a sales-focussed CRM is available for the sales team to create and track deals, automatically link history with their inbox and apply further automated marketing functions to those leads.

We really wanted Smart Marketer to become a top choice for our target market, and we believe this mix really hits the spot.